At Sydney Fresh Seafood we are committed to the sustainable management of Australian fisheries. We understand that our futures are directly linked.

We have witnessed many changes over the past 15 years and the increase in consumer knowledge and awareness has intensified efforts in recent times. As a seafood retailer with a large variety of fresh and frozen, local and imported fish and seafood we are source produce from sustainable and recommended sources wherever possible.

In store you will find the following products that are good options for consumers interested in sustainable seafood:


  • Sydney Rock Oysters and Pacific Oysters are naturally sustainable as they filter food from the water and do not require feeding. Oysters have very little impact on the environment.
  • Prawns – we sell Cooked Tiger Prawns and Green Endeavour and Green Banana Prawns that are sourced from Austral Fisheries. Austral Fisheries are the leaders in sustainable prawn fishing.
  • Salmon – our Tasmanian Salmon is sourced exclusively from Huon Aquaculture farms who are the leaders in salmon farming with environmental care and sustainability.
  • Barramundi – our farmed Cone Bay Barramundi is sourced exclusively from Marine Produce. MPA is a pioneer in sustainable environmental management of tropical sea cage farming. Please check out the website link below, its quick incredible what they have managed to achieve. They are also approved by the MSC.
  • Black Mussels – we stock Spring Bay Mussels (loose and in 1kg packets). Spring Bay Mussels are certified organic and certified sustainable earning the second ever awarded “Friends of the Sea” certification.
  • Pacific West Foods – We stock a variety of frozen products (including crumbed calamari rings and salt & pepper squid) from Pacific West Foods who are MSC Certified.
  • Sydney Fish Markets – We purchase the majority of our fresh fish daily from the Sydney Fish Market Authority auction floor. The SFM Authority are working very hard towards the goal of sustainable seafood, in conjunction with Ocean Watch. Ocean Watch Australia is a not-for-profit environmental company that works to advance sustainability in the Australian seafood industry.


Check out these items in-store for more sustainable options (verified by the Marine Conservation Council website):

Dusky Flathead

Sand Whiting

King George Whiting

Local Yellow Fin / Silver Bream – NSW

Spanner Crabs

Blue Swimmer Crabs – SA

Mud Crabs – Live or Cooked – NSW

Southern Calamari

Octopus Baby

Cooked Local Lobsters

Sydney Fresh Seafood is constantly working to improve our customer information and sustainability advice. In 2015 we have a number of in-store measures planned to achieve this. We hope that this information provides you with more confidence in making your purchase choices at Sydney Fresh Seafood.


For more information please see the links to our supplier’s websites below:

Austral Fisheries – Tiger Prawns, Green Banana Prawns, Green Endeavour Prawns

Huon Salmon

Cone Bay Barramundi (Marine Produce) – Farmed Barramundi

Sydney Fish Market

Spring Bay Seafoods (Mussels)

Pacific West Foods