Atlantic Salmon is the most commonly consumed fish in Australia. Not only does it taste amazing it is also good for you.  Atlantic Salmon provide a good source of high quality protein, Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D.  At Sydney Fresh Seafood, we source our Atlantic Salmon from Huon Aquaculture. Huon Atlantic Salmon is 100% grown and harvested in Tasmania.

Let’s look at some of the myths surrounding Australia’s best loved fish:


Myth: Atlantic Salmon’s unique red colour comes from food dyes!

Truth: Atlantic Salmon get their beautiful red colour from carotenoid. Carotenoid is an orange pigment found naturally in krill, crustaceans and shellfish, which is part of the standard diet of Atlantic Salmon growing in the wild. In farmed Atlantic Salmon this natural carotenoid needs to be supplemented in the fish meal that is fed to the salmon.


Myth: Atlantic Salmon are injected with antibiotics to make them grow!

Truth: Sometimes, just like people, salmon get sick. Huon Aquaculture employ full time vets to look after their fish stocks. If the vet feels there is a need to treat the fish with antibiotics for an illness you can rest assure that it is supervised, reported, strictly regulated by government, and that the antibiotics are allowed to pass through the fish long before it is harvested in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Myth: It takes 10kg of fish feed to make 1kg of Salmon!

Truth: Each farmed Atlantic Salmon need the equivalent of 1.69kg of forage fish as fish oil for every kilogram of weight it grows, the forage fish caught for fish oil also provides all of the fish meal farmed Atlantic Salmon need.(equivalent to 1.18kg of those forage fish).


Myth: Atlantic Salmon live their whole lives in over-crowded tanks!

Truth: Huon Aquaculture has the lowest stocking density in the world at a maximum of 8kg per m3. To give this context, their pens currently contain 99% water and 1% fish.  See below a current shot of a standard Huon salmon pen.  Visit the Sustainability Dashboard on

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